Achieving Your Everest

The sense of achievement when someone climbs a mountain or a challenge no matter how small or big is immense.

Seeing their faces go from "... I can't do that... " to "... I'm on top, look at me!... " then to "... Get me a beer, I'm knackered! ..." is priceless. Often individuals discover inner strength they were not credited with.

The bonding of those who have shared such an experience is often unbreakable.
These things result in stronger and better teams. Better teams = better results, but you know that.

Adventure Business School provide the opportunity for your people to get to know each other better, overcoming tangible challenges and become a team that works for each other.

It doesn't last for ever, this feeling, you'll need to stoke the fires every now and again, but once your team has experienced this feeling you just need to keep reminding them "remember when we were mountain people?"

Adventure Business School provides outdoor activities to business teams and individuals to overcome specific business related challenges.

Why choose us?

Between them the course directors have over 25 years business experience in Marketing, Sales, Change & Project Management, Business Improvement and Call Centre Management. We understand businesses, we understand the corporate culture and the challenges it brings.

Between them the same course directors have over 35 years experience in the outdoors from war zones, to country rambles, graded Alpine climbs to woodland walks, wilderness camping to Camping & Caravaning Club.

The combination of consultant level business knowledge with outdoor leadership makes us uniquely placed to deliver team building and outdoor challenges bespoke to your business, with your specific challenges being the concurrent theme throughout the events.

This delivers meaningful learning with lasting business benefits.