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The Adventure Business School provides team building and outdoor activities events for teams and individuals with the aim of real term improvements to your business performance. Our events and activities have clear business focus and agreed outcomes with your needs at the centre of what we deliver.

Your ABS consultants will be assigned based on your specific requirements, taking into account your business type and challenges. With your approval, the course director will spend time with you in your business, understanding your requirements first hand, meeting some of your team and discussing what we can deliver for you. Our aim is not to get in the way, nor take up your valuable time but we believe this approach enables us to deliver solutions specific to your unique requirements.

As you would expect, all our activities are scaleable for small or large teams, half day or residential, cost or investment focus, to meet a diverse range of business challenges.

We are keenly aware of the need to justify capital investment and all our activities are competitive and, if required, we can support you in 'business case' justification for the investment. We are happy to buy into result based pricing.

Please feel free to e-mail us at the address above and one of the course directors will be delighted to be in touch to discuss your needs further – no obligation, no endless e-mails or marketing calls, just a chat with an experienced business professional.

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+44 (0)7809 566 449